Bowing walls are a huge problem for homes in the Pittsburgh, PA. Bowing walls show that the home’s foundation has inward movement – meaning it’s becoming less stable over time.

The soil on the outside of the home causes the walls to bow inside of the home through what’s called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can be caused by heavy rain, poor drainage, inadequate grading, expansion due to frost, and giant tree roots.

How can I tell if my Pittsburgh Basement Walls are Bowing?

Here’s how to tell if your home’s foundation walls are bowing:

1. Horizontal cracks along the inside of the foundation wall. Cracks that span the wall shows a weak point in the wall’s connection.
2. Water leaking through the foundation walls. This can be an early sign of increased hydrostatic pressures on your basement walls.
3. Your walls are no longer straight up and down. Bowing walls mean the walls are giving way or buckling inward under pressure from the outside soil.

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